What we do

Our success is measured by our clients’ achievements, which is why we create stronger brands through custom website builds, email marketing and most importantly, by learning our clients’ needs and desires.


 Our niche

Acme Design specializes in building websites on the Squarespace platform. Doing so enables us to create strong consistent brands for our clients with features that include integrations with MailChimp for email newsletters, Zapier for online forms, Google Maps, as well as SEO and marketing.

To increase brand recognition and customer growth, we often bundle Squarespace website builds with third-party services that sync with the platform. In addition to MailChimp, this may include Stripe, Apple Pay and PayPal for payment processing with online stores, Xero for accounting services, as well as social media integrations and more.


Platforms we work with


Your success is our success 

Our success is measured by our clients’ achievements. When we do our job correctly, our clients benefit more than we do—that’s a win! We love to see our clients succeed and experience growth, thanks to their new website, email newsletters and overall upgraded brand. 🙌

Our clients may select from all of the following services, or decide on individual services that better meet their needs.

Custom websites 

We first gain an understanding of our clients’ businesses, then we use this knowledge to build websites tailored to their needs. This includes custom builds, each with a unique style. This means all our clients receive the utmost consideration regarding their goals, and why we strive to create the best brand we can for each client we work with.

Email newsletters


We create email newsletters using either Squarespace or MailChimp with designs that match clients’ websites in a process that helps create stronger, more consistent brands. Email sign-ups are integrated into the website builds and can even utilize marketing tools such as automation and pop-up email sign-up forms in order to maximize subscriber rates. 

Our clients use email newsletters in many ways—from nonprofit fundraising efforts, to event ticket sales. No matter what type of business our clients have, email newsletters are the most reliable and impactful way for them to reach their audience. 


Alongside building websites with strong SEO and email newsletters for our clients, we follow through with marketing outreach and walk our clients through methods for marketing their businesses, growing their audiences and increasing revenue.

This is done with personalized attention to clients’ needs, which often results in audience growth of 200% or more.



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