What is Open Graph and why should I use it?

Written by Ash Blankenship

April 2, 2021

Visit any social media platform and you'll likely see the results of Open Graph within the first minute.

It's a widely used feature that helps drive user interaction and increases website visits. It's so powerful nearly ever website should utilize this simple and effective protocol.

Let's learn more about what Open Graph is.

What is Open Graph?

Open Graph allows website content to appear as rich content within social media feeds. For example, when an article is shared that utilizes Open Graph, the article's headline, main image, and link are automatically included within the social media post.

Paste and Open Graph does the rest.

Odds are that you've experienced this first hand when pasting a link into a compose window, as many news websites have implemented Open Graph.

But it's not just for news sites. Let's learn why you should use it on your site as well.

Why you should use Open Graph

Open Graph is a powerful feature because social media users are more likely to click through posts that include images and headlines. And since the Open Graph data that includes this dynamic content is automatically added to any social media users' posts, your content reaches a larger audience and produces stronger results.

It's a perfect companion to your website and social media plan. If your website includes a blog, news feed, or other dynamic content, using Open Graph is a great way to increase site visits and social media interactions.  

And Open Graph doesn't just work on Twitter. It works across LinkedIn, Facebook, and more.

How I utilize Open Graph

The Acme Design website and many client's websites are build using Webflow. It's a powerful platform that allows for the implementation of Open Graph within any dynamic page, from blogs and news pages, to staff pages and case studies, and even shop pages.

Let's take a look at how Open Graph is set up within Webflow once dynamic content has been created.

As an example, I'll use the Open Graph settings for this post. Here's a preview of how this looks as viewed from the Webflow settings.

Open Graph settings within Webflow.

At the top is the preview of how the Open Graph content will appear on social media.

Below the preview, I am able to select which data I want to feed into Open Graph.

For this post, I chose "Name" as the Open Graph Title, "Post Summary" as the Open Graph Description, and "Main Image" as the Open Graph Image.

As a result, the title of this blog post will appear as "What is Open Graph and why should I use it?" The short description of the post will appear as well, and this post's main image (the same one that's at the top of this post) will all populate onto social media feeds whenever someone shares this post.

Simple and powerful!

The best part about Open Graph is that once it's set up on your website, there are no other steps required. It will automatically capture content from your website and display it on social networks.

I consider Open Graph an easy way to boost my online presence and I believe you will too.

Want to learn more about how to implement Open Graph on your website? Contact me for a free demo and walkthrough.