How Kisi used Webflow to improve SEO and user engagement

Written by Ash Blankenship

June 9, 2021

Workplace security company Kisi was able to improve their SEO traffic by 300 percent. The company's success is the result of utilizing Webflow's content management system and design structure.

A great website will include a focus on search engine optimization (SEO) as much as it does design and usability. And all of these factors work together to boost traffic and engagement.

There are a few key factors that allowed Kisi to improve their SEO rankings.

First, by using Webflow's content management system (CMS), the team was able to increase page load times. "A one-second delay in page load corresponds to a 7% drop in conversion rate," according to Webflow. "With more users accessing your site on mobile than on desktop devices, it's safe to say an optimized load time should be a priority for any team."

The Webflow CMS allows for variable sizing of images depending on which device is being used. For example, web pages viewed on a mobile device will result in the CMS displaying a mobile-friendly, smaller image. This feature improves site load time and ensures the best resolution image for the device being used.

Additionally, by including links to additional content and pages on the Kisi website, the team was able to improve internal linking. Search engines such as Google consider the amount of links to web pages when determining how the site ranks. By using Webflow's CMS to add additional links, the Kisi site pages will be discovered by Google.

Lastly, by switching from WordPress to Webflow, Kisi was able to improve the overall design of their website. This lead to improved user engagement and longer view durations.

"After the launch, we saw and overall increase of almost 30% in time spent on the site."

"After the launch, we saw and overall increase of almost 30% in time spent on the site," notes Webflow. "And for the pages with a brand new, custom design, this metric increased by as much as 120%."

Overall, the Webflow CMS helps improve load times and boost SEO rankings. Moreover, Webflow allows for custom designs that function well and are more user friendly.

By spending time revamping their website, Kisi was able to improve their overall site engagement and grow their client base.