How Webflow protects your site against cyberattacks

Written by Ash Blankenship

September 22, 2021

Website security breaches are all too common. According to a report by Verizon, 43 percent of cyberattacks target small businesses. No one is immune.

One client of mine came to me because their Wordpress site was compromised and their site content was replaced with links to porn sites. Ouch.

Another client had personnel data including social security numbers exposed following a cyberattack.

Fortunately, I was able to rebuild their websites on Webflow, which has exceptional security features built in.

Since then, there have been no security issues with their new sites—in fact, no Acme Design clients have ever experienced a cyberattack.

Let's take a look at what makes Webflow the secure choice.

Webflow offers secure hosting and encryption

Webflow site hosting takes advantage of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Hosting, which includes exceptional protection against cyberattacks and security threats.

No vulnerable plugins

Webflow doesn't require or utilize third-party plugins, which often leave sites vulnerable to cyberattacks. In fact, plugins are often the most common methods for security breaches.

Plugins are created by third-party developers, and there’s no easy way to assess the security practices of each of these plugin creators. You have to rely on developers to publish updates for their plugins and then push those updates on your site as well. And if they go out of date, they can expose your site to hackers.

SSL Encryption

Webflow runs full encryption out of the box. With Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), all sites are protected, preventing non-public data from being exposed by unauthorized access.

Moreover, encryption with SSL is best practice for website security and data protection.

Webflow protects user's account information

I know my account and my clients' data is secure with Webflow. The platform uses two-factor authentication and even allows for authenticator apps such as Microsoft Authenticator, which requires the input of security codes that change every 30 seconds.

This prevents unauthorized access to the account and makes sure no one can gain access by attempting to password reset even if your email account becomes compromised.

Automatic backups

One thing I love about Webflow is that each site is backed up frequently and automatically. In fact, I can easily revert to a previous version of a website.

This allows for peace of mind when it comes to your website. Accidentally delete a site page? No worries. Recover from backup with one click. It couldn't be easier.

In conclusion

Webflow has been life changing for my clients. With beneficial features such as SEO, SSL, site hosting and more, all built in, the platform requires no third-party plugins.

This helps keep the site protected from cyberattacks and ensure my clients that their company's online presence is secure.

Knowing that no business is immune to cyberattacks, ensuring website security is paramount, and Webflow is by far the best way to secure online data while also allowing for useful and beautiful design.

Learn more about Webflow's security.