Relationships: The Key to Building a Strong Business


Whether we sell homemade soaps directly to consumers or own a beauty salon, we as business owners interact with our customers or clients on a frequent basis. And this interaction is the most important aspect of our business. 

We can be performing the best work in our industry but if we don’t build positive relationships, we’ll never move our business forward and upward. This is why many great businesses fail. Instead, we need to focus on creating strong connections with our communities, our tribes. 

I mention the word community because it is a collective of clients and customers that allows a business to thrive. No matter what type of business we’re in, we need this community. Customers are often thought of as separate from the business itself, but without them why does the business even exists? After all, it was created to serve a purpose. 

As business owners we seek to serve those who need help solving problems. We’re problem solvers. And we should do this with high moral principles. We should build communities around our business, customers and clients, who we designed our businesses to help. 

So in addition to searching out and retaining customers, we need to look how we can better serve those we already have and to build stronger relationships with them. If we do this, I can almost guarantee that the community will become greater and our businesses will soar. 

As Alexis Ohanian, the founder of Reddit said, “It’s not enough in today’s world to just find and target your customer. Anyone can do that. The real lesson is in creating a bond with a community of like minded people.” 

At Acme Design, we don’t look for opportunities. We look for problems and we solve those problems for our clients. What problem are you working to solve? 

Ash Blankenship