About Acme Design

Founded on the principle that every business should focus on their strengths, we believe that small business owners and creatives should be able to attend to their work, while also having a great brand that highlights who they are and what they’re passionate about.

Our strategy through website design is to work with clients to build brands that reflect their direction, messaging and passion. All while giving the enterprise the freedom to do what they do best.


 Our founding

Acme Design was founded in 2018 in Sacramento, California by Ash Blankenship. Having worked as a freelance website designer for twenty years, Ash decided to create a brand around his work and to offer his experience and services to clients who are looking for a full service web design experience. Hence, Acme Design was born.

Who we are

Founder and CEO Ash Blankenship is the owner of Acme Design. He brings two decades of client work and has worked with dozens of customers to build beautiful and simplistic websites. Ash’s expertise includes the ability to source the right and affordable talent for each project. This allows Acme Design to operate in a lean and affordable fashion without sacrificing quality and innovation.


 Ready to get started?

Whether you’re looking for a complete relaunch of your website or need your first site build, we’re ready to help.

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